Business Connections with Anita gives business owners a platform on the radio to express their passion for their products and services. I air every Wednesday morning from 10-11:00 am AM 1180 KCKQ America Matters.

Kristian Meyer CoHost and Anita Foster

You Suck! Learn how to use best practices for bad online reviews. 8/14/19

Anita Foster Host and Kristian Meyer ruffriders.org
Listen here: Yelp, Google, Facebook and Ebay, Amazon Reviews best practices 8/14/19

Willow Bill and his Reindeer Project 8/7/19

Ken Forcier Gracewod Floorcloths, Willow Bill and His Reindeer Project, Kristian Meyer ruffriders.org cohost, Anita Foster host afdesigns.online
Listen here: Ken Forcier Gracewood Design, Willow Bill Reindeer Project, Kristian Meyer Co Host, Anita Foster Host

Kids Show with Kristian from Ruffriders.org with his sons Corbin and Reese 7/31/19

Korbin 9 yrs old, Kristian and Reese 6 yrs old
Kristian Co Host, Anita Host and our Guests Corbin 9 years old and Reese 6 yrs old
Listen Here: Corbin 9 yrs old, Kristian, Reese 6 yrs old and Anita

High Mark Distillery, Glory Cloud Coffee and Puffles & Pastries 7/24/19

High Mark Distillery, Puffles & Pastries and Glory Cloud Coffee
Listen here: High Mark Distillery, Puffles & Pastries, Glory Cloud Coffee 7/24/19

Real Estate and Mortgages 7/17/19

zListen HERE: Real Estate and Mortgages 7/17/19

Just in Time Tux, Pasquale Iovinella, CJ Gueldner 7/10/19

Listen Here: Talking about RiseMed Health, Tuxes and Handmade Italian Neckties

Talking about the Dark Web and other IT Concerns for Businesses 6/26/19

Listen Here: Talking about the Dark Web and other IT Concerns
Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents 6/19/19

Marketing in Today’s World 6/12/19

Importance of Marketing your Business

Human and Pets, The Benefits of Using CBD.

Listen here! What are the benefits of CBD for humans and pets?

Wellness & Happiness Show May 29,2019

Listen Here: Wellness & Happiness Show 5/29/19
Wellness and Happiness Show

Tonya Campanile US Bank, Dennis Bagley Business Consulting, John Long Patent Counsel and Kristian from Ruffriders.org

Listen here: Business Banking, Business Consulting, Patent Attorney and Ruffriders.org
Business Consulting, Law and Copyrights/Trademarks, Business Banking and Kristian ruffriders.org

How to Keep Yourself Balanced when going through a Change in Life

Deana Smith, Kerri Belcher, Jane Rubinstien, Kristian Meyer, Zach Hill, Shiloh and Anita
Listen Here: Deana, Kerri, Jane, Zach, Kristian and Shiloh

Kenny with Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Brooke Noble and High Rents, Kristian with Ruffriders.org and Co Host Zach Hill

Victor (Precision Diamonds), CJ from Status of Women in NV, Kristian Ruffriders.org, Dan Kimm, Co Host Zach Hill

Victor, CJ, Dan, Kristian & Co Host Zach
Listen Here: Victor, CJ, Dan, Kristian & Co Host Zach

Watch Here: Dr. Tom Waldorf, Dan Kimm, Kristina Dobler, Kristian Meyer. Talking about Back Care, Energy, Van Fleet for Dog Rescue and Buy-ology.

Listen Here: Dr. Tom Waldorf, Dan Kimm, Kristina Dobler, Kristian Meyer. Talking about Back Care, Energy, Van Fleet for Dog Rescue and Buy-ology.

Watch here: Whole lot of Guests today! Listen or watch! I had a special little guest be sure to listen to the end.

Change and Wellness Show 3/17/19
Listen Here Change and Wellness 4/17/19

Watch here: Stephanie Brown, Del Monroe, Kristian Meyer and CoHost Zach Hill

Listen Here: Stephanie Brown, Del Monroe, Kristisan Meyer, and Cohost Zach Hill

Watch Here: Certified Life Coach and Author Ty Smith, Adoptable Dogs with Kristian Meyer from Rufferiders.org, and CoHost Zach Hill from Keltic Fish

Listen here Ly Smith Mastermind Certified Life Coach, Kristian Meyer from Ruffriders, CoHost Zach Hill Keltic Fish

Christa Povec with Fitloca Fitness, Kristian from Ruffriders.org and Zach Hill with Keltic Fish.

Watch Here Christa with FitLoca Fitness, Adoptable Dogs by Ruffriders and Co-host Zach Hill from Keltic Fish
Listen Here Christa with Fitloca Fitness, Adoptable Dogs by Ruffriders and
Co-host Zach Hill from Keltic Fish

Watch Here Talking about Remodeling for your home, Dogs up for adoption, Healing power of prayer and Zach Hill with Keltic Fish talking about his free webinar.

Listen Here Mario Yacavone, Kristian Meyer, Zach Hill & Jeff Bogule 3/20/19

Mark Allen from Mark Allen & Co & Kristian from Ruffriders

Listen Here Mark Allen & Co plus Kristian from Ruffriders 3/13/19

Watch Here Del Monroe with Voodoo Cats Band, Kristian from Ruffriders and Zach from Keltic Fish

On Facebook LIVE from the Studio
Del Monroe with Voodoo Cats Band, Kristian from Ruffriders and Zach from Keltic Fish 3/6/2019

Watch Here Ian Pasalich, Dan Kimm Rock It Productions, Zach Hill from Keltic Fish

Inventor Ian Pasalich, Dan Kimm Rock It Productions, Zach Hill from Keltic Fish

Watch Here Kristian Meyer, Dan Kimm, Zachariah Hill & Craig Moss

Listen Here Adoptable Dogs, Hypnosis, and IT Solutions

Watch Here Sherree Minoletti, Heather with our adoptable pet of the week Piglet and Ruffriders.org also Diana Hoffman called in for Music with Confidence.

Listen Here Talking Nail Care, Adoptable Dogs, Music with Confidence Event.

Willow Bill and Tom, Talking about Thomas Jefferson and The Commerce 1-30-19

Click here to listen

Watch Here Sharon, CJ from Status of Women in NV and Ruffriders.org 2/6/19

CJ Gueldner, Kristian Meyer, Sharon Slater, Anita Foster


Britton Murdock from Biggest Little Fashion Truck & Dan Hamon Verdi Massage/Pain Management 1-23-19

Listen Here Biggest Little Fashion Truck Dan Hamon of Verdi Massage

Dan Hamon and Dr. Chris Highley

Dr. Christopher Highley Preferred Family Medicine, Dan Hamon Verdi Massage/Pain Management, Ashlee’s Toy Closet

Click Here to Listen

Christa Povec Fitloca Fitness Goals Setting and Weight Control

Christa Povec https://fitlocafitness.com

Lockwood Gun Training with Guest Joel Durden 11/07/18

Click Here to Listen

Lockwood Gun Training with Joel Durden and Dennis Romeo 11/14/18

Click Here to Listen

Monty Turner Gun Training Reno

Gun Training Reno Guest Monty Turner 10/31/18


Mark Mausert Business Law Attorney & Willow Bill 

Mark and Willow Bill


Vince Tolman, Dennis Ciccarelli, Peter Greenlaw

The Floyd with Band Members Dean Rossi, Vince Gates and Lisa McCuiston 10/10/18


Concealed Carry Instructor Monty Turner

Monty Turner Gun Training Reno


Telomeres and Anti-Aging/Weight Loss with Dave Macarthur, Jeff Dold, Vince Tolman and Jon Myers

Jeff Dold, Vince Tolman, and Jon Myers and Dave Macarthur via phone


Just in Time Tux with Kathleen Hanley 9/19/18


Founder of America Matters Eddie Floyd 9/12/18


Willow Bill and His Reindeer Art Project 9/5/18

Willow Bill

Listen Here https://afdesigns767128267.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/business-connections-with-anita-18-09-05.mp3

Loera’s Lanscape with George Loera and Jamie Sutton 8/29/18

George Lorea and Jamie Sutton


Ron Trunk with MS Solutions Business Forms

Ron Trunk

Listen Here https://afdesigns767128267.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/business-connections-with-anita-18-08-22.mp3

Vince Tolman ISAGenix

Vince Tolman


Apothic Band with Bev Riley and Dennis O’Connell 8/8/18

The Band Apothic 2018


Truckee Meadows Parks Recreation with Matt Webber 8/1/18

Matt Webber


Pain Management with Dan Hamon Verdi Massage 7/25/18

Dan Hamon showing us the essential oils


Guest on Other Talk Shows

Two Paths Radio Show with Keith Galliher Jr, Eddie Floyd and Anita Foster talking about the Border Wall and the Law. 2/1/19


Anita as a Guest for a Plug in for Flirtylash 11/16/18


afdesigns as a Guest on NV Roundup with Kathy Lance and Shanimal Lawson 10/12/18


CoHost with Shanimal Lawson on NV Roundup 08/31/18


Radio Guest on Nevada Roundup 8/17/18


afDesigns Radio Guest on Nevada Roundup 7/27/18


Additional Podcasts through Anchor App

https://anchor.fm/anita-foster/embed“>Who’s Leading your Biz?


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