Wynema Ranch Horse Sanctuary

I took over the maintenance for this website and cleaned it up so that it would be easier for the user to navigate.

Updated images will be coming to the website soon.

Earthstone Gallery

This website was build by Reno Media Group. Once I came on board I learned the website never made it live. I assisted in getting this up and running after Five years of sitting idol.

I also did the commercial photography for all Three stores that are all at the same location.

Sales Flyer Handouts

As a help to the sales team at America Matters Media this was created for the midtown promotion to aid in helping them keep business during the recent 2 year phase construction.

Pencil Drawing

I sat at the kitchen table and letting my pencil rule where it went, just relaxing and doodling to get creative juices flowing. Trying to work on perfecting my shading and highlights to create a more realistic drawing.

Acrylic Painting

I like to watch others work that inspires me to try something new. Here is an acrylic painting I did after watching Bob Ross.

My Logo

I created this logo while I was in college. I absolutely love this logo it incorporates my favorite color purple and my love for flowers. The center of the flower is my initial’s af using an effect in Photoshop to distort the letters. I still love it as much as I did when I created it. Timeless.

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