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Interview with Britton Murdock with Biggest Little Fashion Truck


Interview with Britton Murdock Owner of Biggest Little Fashion Truck in Reno, NV.

I was driving down Kietzke Lane here in Reno and saw this awesome Fashion Truck in front of me. My initial thought was I wander if they would like to be on Business Connections with Anita my radio show on Wednesday mornings.  A few days past and then bam on the way home I saw the truck parked a few streets away. So I began snooping for them on Facebook and messaged to see if they were interested in talking me. So we set the date and Britton is here to share about the Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Welcome Britton we are so glad you joined us this morning.

Britton: Thank you for following through with that feeling. What’s great about the truck is that it is mobile and can pretty much go anywhere. We go to local businesses, events, personal parties and personal shopping as well. We carry smaller lines. I get 6 of each piece so inventory is limited.

Anita: How did this business venture come about?

Britton: I love Fashion and my grandparents owned Retail Stores and no one in the family wanted to continue it. I went to college and got a Master Degree but felt it wasn’t in the right career path for me. My passion is to help people by dressing them for their body type.

Anita: What type of truck is it?

Britton: It is the size of a FedEx, UPS truck.

Anita: What areas do you cover?

Britton: Reno/Sparks Nevada

Anita: What goodies do you have in your Fashion Truck? What price ranges do you have?

Britton: Blouses, Tops, Coats, Pants, Jewelry, hats and our inventory has a high turnover rate. So everything is replenished on a regular basis. Everything on the truck is under $100 for the most part.

Anita: How can people reach you if they are interested in having your business at their event?

Britton: My website is my best form of contact

Anita: What events do you have coming up?

Britton: Wednesday January 30, 2019 at Si Amigos Mexican Restaurant on S. Virginia by Sports West.

Anita: Do you have any success stories you could share?

Britton: At almost every event I see that happen just by finding something for someone that they feel good in and the confidence that comes over them and their body language changes. They start twirling in the mirror and smiling.

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Dr. Highley Talking about Patient Direct Healthcare, Pain Management with Dan Hamon and Ashlee’s Toy Closet Podcast


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Top 5 Business Trends 2019


I often research what the current trends are. Since I wear many hats and I need to be in the NOW!  I was thinking the other day about my radio show and I came up with I am an airtime concierge I connect Business Owners with New Potential customers that best fits their need to solve a problem.  I encourage you to join me every Wednesday morning on 1180 am KCKQ America Matters Media. LIVE worldwide streaming.

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Here’s your top 5 Business Trends for 2019

  1. Sales and Customer Service today have so many choices and gravitate to businesses that prioritize delivery of fast, seamless and personalized service
  2. Technology is always evolving and tempting us with the latest and greatest artificial intelligence however, it will not replace humans when it comes to customer service.
  3. Marketing is going to become more personalized as well and business reviews are on the rise. Reviews persuade other customers to try you or not.

Note:  IF you do get a bad review don’t remove it; I learned through research on how to handle such situations and I am going to share it with you.  Bad reviews are just as important as the good ones. Why? Customer’s also look at how the business reacts to such situations and many times will over look the bad review. Professionally responding can literally grow your business.

  1. The Modern Workplace is emerging and businesses will be make employee happiness a priority by offering remote work. This trend has been becoming more and more popular as company’s look for ways to cut overhead while maintaining productivity.
  2. Banking Industry will offer more mobile banking services but you know what that means right radio friends? You guessed it more cyberattacks.

And that’s your top 5 Business Trends for 2019.

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