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Top 5 Business Trends 2019


I often research what the current trends are. Since I wear many hats and I need to be in the NOW!  I was thinking the other day about my radio show and I came up with I am an airtime concierge I connect Business Owners with New Potential customers that best fits their need to solve a problem.  I encourage you to join me every Wednesday morning on 1180 am KCKQ America Matters Media. LIVE worldwide streaming. http://americamatters.us/

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Here’s your top 5 Business Trends for 2019

  1. Sales and Customer Service today have so many choices and gravitate to businesses that prioritize delivery of fast, seamless and personalized service
  2. Technology is always evolving and tempting us with the latest and greatest artificial intelligence however, it will not replace humans when it comes to customer service.
  3. Marketing is going to become more personalized as well and business reviews are on the rise. Reviews persuade other customers to try you or not.

Note:  IF you do get a bad review don’t remove it; I learned through research on how to handle such situations and I am going to share it with you.  Bad reviews are just as important as the good ones. Why? Customer’s also look at how the business reacts to such situations and many times will over look the bad review. Professionally responding can literally grow your business.

  1. The Modern Workplace is emerging and businesses will be make employee happiness a priority by offering remote work. This trend has been becoming more and more popular as company’s look for ways to cut overhead while maintaining productivity.
  2. Banking Industry will offer more mobile banking services but you know what that means right radio friends? You guessed it more cyberattacks.

And that’s your top 5 Business Trends for 2019.

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Setting Goals for 2019


How to make Goals when you have no clue what you want!

I was thinking about my show and came to the conclusion that I consider myself to be an airtime concierge for all types of businesses connecting them to new potential customers. This show connects the customer with the proper product or services that best suits them and their needs for a solution to their problem through the business owners I have on the show. Let’s face it all businesses has a problem everyday. The sooner the problem gets resolved the less loss of revenue and performance outcome is achieved faster. I know how many types of businesses work.  I have a Master Degree in Education which allows me to instructionally design a game plan to resolve training and production issues. I also am successful at social media marketing and other forms of promoting a business. Now let’s GROW…


As the New Year was upon me I began to think about what goals I have for 2019. I was mind blocked. Ugh and it lasted for days. That is what lead me to this information. I know I am not alone here and the pressure of Jan 1st had me freaked out like I wasn’t prepared.  Then I thought wait! Who is setting this deadline?  I realized it was peer pressure of the world’s tradition.  I decided to take the pressure off and just peel back the layers of myself and dig deep for “What I want out of my Life” If you find yourself doing the same thing here are a few ideas to get the goal juices flowing with inspiration.

  1. Write 5-10 things you enjoy
  2. Also write 5-10 things you do not want or like

Eg: I don’t want to be overweight

I don’t want to live a life without meaning

I don’t want to commute to work anymore etc

You can actually turn these around and make goals out of them

  1. Consider the 6 Key things in Life


Business/Job or Career

Physical Health

Personal Development


Do you feel any of these areas are lacking or out of balance in your life?

Rate the results on a scale of 0-10. How can you create goals to better those areas? Where can you make changes? Create a dated measurable plan and don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach a date milestone.  It’s important for staying focused and motivated. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to stay focused and driven.

I also want to say life throws curve balls and sometimes we have to put our goals and dreams on hold. It’s okay to change goals along the way. This is your LIFE!

I saw something on FB about writing a positive thing that happened that week and putting it in a jar. I liked that idea but I decided to create my own version. I am going to write down an achieve step towards my goal whether it be daily or by the week. Watching the paper add up in the jar would motivate me.

I found with this help of not being sure of my new goals for 2019 this information helped me define areas I want to change and grow. I wish you the best success in 2019! Leave me a comment let me know a goal you have for this year! I would love to hear from you!




Falling in Love with the Journey


The last few years have been some of the hardest I have experienced. I found myself on a journey after the passing of my Dad on 11/26/16. That day will forever be in my memory. My Dad told me in his last days he wished he was more like me! I looked at my Dad like he was nuts. My Dad was stable and a hardworking man. He worked in the printing industry for over 40 years and gave me tools to use in life. One of those tools was understanding technology. Dad gave me my 1st lesson in Designing business cards using Printshop. I graduated to Photoshop CS2. Then I found myself upgrading every time there was a new version. 😆. Dad wanted my diversity from what I got from our conversation. It’s that comment that drives my motivation every day to execute perfection in everything I do.

As a kid I was always using my hands to create things. I love painting, photography, and drawing.

Along with my love to create my journey has taken me into Broadcasting on Talk Radio. 1180 am KCKQ America Matters Media. We broadcast every Wednesday @ 9:00 am PT. https://americamatters.us

I have been refining myself and really only doing what really matters to me. I volunteer my time on a local art project that the kids in our classrooms make for the holiday season. Willow bill was a guest on my show and we have partnered up to aid the project in its success year after year. See how you can help here http://willowbill.com/

Recently, I noticed a little shop that was offering just what I needed. Flirtylash is located in Reno, NV across from Atlantis Casino. Soon I will be tested an have a Lash Certification. Here is my latest work.

Because of all of these things I can do I know each day brings something new even when the sad days come when you miss your Dad and want to tell him what Anita is up to now!

I also have a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Master In Education. I also tap into those areas as well.

It is my hope that I can encourage and inspire others to rise out of Life’s curveball’s.

Remember you have everything you need inside of you!

Enjoy the little things. Relationships. Make the time for the things important to you.

Here’s to Success!


Peter Greenlaw & Why Diet’s Don’t Work


I had the pleasure of having Peter Greenlaw join me this morning on my radio show. He has some great information on why diets don’t work check out his interview on ABC here. Also check out today’s radio show on my podcasts page!

Peter Greenlaw ABC Interview

Business Quote


“Business Owners that can smile when faced with trouble and distress gather strength by reflection because their hearts are firm in their passion to succeed”                                                                                                                                   ~Anita L. Foster~