On The Road Interviews

Business Connections with Anita on the road. It is a dream of mine to broaden my reach in aiding not only businesses but people in need. I want to bring hope to the hurting and leave a footprint in this world. This is not possible without the help of your donations. Thank you for supporting Business Connections with Anita.

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Airtime Cost Donation to Business Connections with Anita

Most are under the impression this is a paid position. However, I pay for my own show and do not charge my guests to be on the show. If you can please donate a dollar to aid in the airtime costs; I would greatly appreciate your help. Listen when you can.


Please feel free to share this page to your social media it is my hope that everyone gets the help they need. ~Anita~

David Mickelsen His Story


Click Here for Living Donor Questionaire

Interview with Nevada Appeal with Teri’s Notebook

Interview with CJ Gueldner 2-12-19 Dayton, NV

CJ with Penn Global Marketing

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